About Me

Who am I? 

I am a gardener, garden consultant and designer based in London providing services to clients in London and the Home Counties. I trained at the English Gardening School and specialising in General Horticulture and Plants & Plantsmanship. My passion is plants and using my knowledge of plants to create a garden to suit the needs and tastes of the owner.

I never forget that it is your garden that we are working on. Clients will wish to have differing degrees of involvement with their gardens, but my most satisfying work is with clients who like to remain actively involved with the process of creating or rejuvenating a garden.

I have created and maintained gardens, terraces and balconies for a range of uses for private houses, both large and small, in the country and in town, for apartment blocks, offices, restaurants and pubs.

I work with a carefully chosen range of specialists as required including landscape architects, furniture suppliers, arborists, masons and building contractors. I oversee to completion all aspects of the projects that I am commissioned to undertake. I will coordinate suppliers and contractors, I work with the teams to clear and prepare the garden and I do all the planting myself.

Why me?

I will see a project through from start to finish and I get my hands dirty during the project as I do all the planting myself. I am therefore constantly available to discuss ideas and progress with the owner. My clients comment upon the degree of personal involvement that I have with the work and on the degree to which I welcome their input and involvement.