The key to creating a successful garden is to fully understand the needs and wishes of the owner. The first stage of any project is therefore to understand the budget and to consult with the owner over use and functionality, colour preferences, fencing, lighting, irrigation and ease of maintenance. Consultations can range from a discussion at home, a trip to a wholesaler to the production of sketches and colour boards.

Budgeting and planning

Once an outline plan has been agreed then I will source all the necessary plants and materials and liaise with other professionals such as building contractors so that the costings and a timescale for execution can be finalised.

Project management

I will oversee all stages of the project from site preparation through to final tidy and removal of debris. I will work with the teams to clear and prepare the garden for planting. All planting will be carried out by me, thus enabling me to oversee the provision of services such as irrigation/water features and lighting.


Many owners do not have time to undertake the maintenance that is essential to any successful garden due to work or travel commitments. I can therefore agree an annual schedule for the maintenance of your garden. This can range from weekly visits to tidy, sweep and weed to less frequent essential visits to prune, cut back and fertilise.